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SST (A) – Stainless steel cleaner and Polish

  • Item Form: Spray
  • Size: 397g
  • Brand: Mega Lab

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SST (A) – Stainless steel cleaner and Polish

SST is an unique one-step application which restores natural brilliance to stainless steel surfaces. SST protect stainless steel surfaces with a clear shield which resists resoiling, finger-printing and surface deterioration.


SST removes light soils, restores depth and colour to brushed finishes, helps seal out corrosion and protects against smudging and staining on kitchen units, refrigerators, steam tables, counter tops, back bars, elevator doors, medical and dental instruments and any other areas where stainless steel is found. SST is used extensively by restaurants, hotels and motels, dairies, breweries, bakeries, supermarkets, hospitals and where ever food is processed.


Cleans and Brightens – Stainless Steel, Chrome and other bright metals. Special blend of synthetic agents provides perfect optical conditions for light reflection. Reflects light evenly and without clouding as occurs in most steel polishes.

Seals Out Corrosion – Deposits and extremely fine and completely invisible film on all surfaces. Film is so thin that all grain markings are evenly coated. Air and impurities in the atmosphere are sealed out for days. Regular application keeps film intact and distributed evenly reducing dirt pick-up and grease staining.

Safe On All Types of Stainless Steel and Chrome – Contains no abbrasives and cannot mark or cloud the surface of smooth, patterened or textured stainless steel. Also harmless to all types of bright chrome finishes.

Finger Print Resistant – Film is completely dry in seconds after polishing. Does not encourage grease deposits thus resists finger-printing longer.

Easy to Use – Simple application method does not require special application polishing cloth. Any clean soft cloth will work like magic.

Economical – Film lasts for days. Apply 2 or 3 times a week to protect expensive stailness steel for a lifetime.


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