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Lubitol(A) – Cleaner and Lubricant

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Lubitol(A) – Cleaner and Lubricant

LUBITOL™ is a handy multi-functional electro-mechanical all purpose equipment spray for use on virtually any surface. Easy to apply and ready to use, non-drying, penetrating, lubricant and protectant with a high dielectric strength (may be used on any electrical part) makes it ideal for unlimited applications. Eliminates costly multi-product purchase and storage. Reduces staff “where to use what ” confusion. Never dries, retards corrosion and prevents rusting, loosens nuts, bolts, rust and scale while leaving a surface tenacious molecular water displacing shield and lubricating film. Prevents mechanical and electric failures due to moisture and/or corrosive atmospheres. Preserves and prolongs the life of valuable equipment. Extends the life of all types of lighting (indoor/outdoor) by reducing potential metal fusion caused from heat, corrosion and moisture build-ups and makes maintenance and replacement easier. Thousands of uses, day in and day out.

“A real tool box in a can”


Cleans – flushes away old lubricants, soils and dirt to leave a freshly lubricated and protected surface with a single application. Removes grease, sap, tape, gum, tar, wax and adhesive residues.

Lubricates – apply to wet or dry surfaces to assure more efficient action of all moving parts.

Penetrates – quickly penetrates through dirt, rust, scale and other corrosive elements to free rusted or corroded parts, bolts, hinges, etc.

Demoisturises – displaces moisture from any electrical or mechanical parts. Forms a surface tenacious molecular film to prevent equipment failure caused by humid, wet or corrosive atmospheres.

Protects – leaves a never dry, high dielectric strength, lubricating film that protects against moisture, corrosion, chemicals, and other harmful elements.


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