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Bin Plastic 45L with pedal (Grey colour)

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Bin Plastic 45L with pedal (Grey colour)

Green Revolution produce all kind of dustbins like, Plastic Wheeled Dustbins, Outdoor Dustbins, Steel Bins, Garbage Bins, Indoor Bins, Paddle Dustbins, Color Coded bins, made of HDPE available in 60,80,120,240,340,660and 1100 Ltrs sizes. SS Dustbins color coded, best quality, customized color, logo, can be done. available in 10, 20, 30, 45, 60, 70, 100 and 110 ltrs. any color, any matter, any logo can be printed. also available in different types of lids like rim cover, swing top, Push can, Ash Can, Front drop etc. Can be used in Hospital, Hotels, Schools, Industries, Factories, Plants etc. available in color coding green, red, blue, black and yellow. Also available Hand Dryers, Soap Dispensers, Air Fresheners, Cleaning Machines, Vacuum Cleaner, Feminine Hygiene Bins and Bio Cubes etc. We are the largest suppliers of Dustbins, Plastic Dustbins, Waste Bins, Garbage bins, Trash Cans, SS Dustbins, Plastic Bins, Dustbins manufacturer in India, Mobile Garbage bins, Wheeled Dustbins, Wheelie Bins, Color Coded Dustbins, Color Coded Bins, Refuse bins, Garbage bin, Waste Bin, Dust Bin, Dustbin, Pole Mounted Dustbins, Roadside Dustbins, Pole Hanging Bins, garden Bins, Indoor Dustbins, Post Bins, Wheeled garbage Bins, Mobile Containers, 2 Wheeled Dustbins, 4 Wheeled Dustbins, 120 Ltr Dustbins, 240 ltr Dustbins, 660 ltr Dustbins, 1100 Ltrs Dustbins, Feminine Hygiene Bins, Sanitary Bins, Ladies sanitary pads dispose bins, Refuse Bins, Recycle Bins, Recycle Containers, Biomedical Waste bins, Pedal Dustbins color code, Waste bins color coding, garbage bins color coding, trash cans color codes,Refuse cans, recycle color coded bins,



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